Seal of excellence II HEAT MARINE

   One of the main needs of shipping companies is to improve the energy efficiency of their ships, in order to reduce fuel consumption, but also to comply with the emission limits of greenhouse gases and other pollutants established by international regulations. The main goal of the research project is to develop a high temperature heat pump system, which recovers the discarded heat of the engine cooling circuit on the ship (instead of rejecting it at sea) and then upgrades this heat using a small amount of electricity. the production of low steam pressure (> 2 bar, usually over 5 bar), which is used to meet the thermal needs of the ship.

   This heat recycling, in which the project goals, can reduce fuel consumption of boilers that usually use heavy fuel oil (HFO) by up to 50%, while it can improve the ship's energy efficiency by 2-4%.

   The main objectives of the research project are:

• Development of heat pump of high temperature adapted for 100 kW power ship applications.
• Use of 4th generation organic fluid with very low GWP (<10), ideal environmental properties (ODP = 0) and safety.

• Integration of the heat pump system in the ship's engine room and pilot operation.
• Development of a system control system and integration into the ship's energy management platform.
• Development of a business plan and widespread dissemination of project results.


Seal of Excellence πρόταση ΙΙ (PDF)