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WIMA Forum | Cyprus

WIMA Forum | Cyprus

PSYCTOTHERM participate at “Get to know WIMA” Conference & Exhibition which took place on 22nd February 2017 at the Carob Mill in Lemesos, Cyprus.

World Industrial and Marine Association-WIMA in Cyprus

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«The Worldwide Industrial & Marine Association-WIMA, a nonprofit business association of marine oriented companies, has expanded its activities in Cyprus, organizing an exhibition and conference in Limassol for the purpose of introducing Cypriot and foreign shipping companies operating on the island.



WIMA was created for establishing and promoting an innovative network of certified companies with marine activities, with global service capabilities in all shipping sectors. Its companies-members are mainly active in relating to construction, alterations, repairs, spare parts, ship supplies, technical and general shipping services and shipping material production.



(…) following the Association’s participation in numerous delegations around the world during recent years, Cyprus was purposely chosen as its next strategic destination. Cyprus is a strategic choice for cementing communication and cooperation channels with local companies and entities operating in the marine sector.»



Participation in the ‘Seatrade Cruise Global’ Exhibition

PSYCTOTHERM participate in ‘Seatrade Cruise Global’ International Exhibition and Conference from 13 - 16 of March in Miami USA.

From more than 30 years the leading ‘Seatrade Cruise Global’ exhibition serving the Cruise Industry by bringing together buyers and suppliers for a week of networking, sourcing, innovation, and education.

700+ Exhibitors from all over the world

The most influential leaders in the cruise world attend again this year Seatrade Cruise Global. From top cruise line executives and port leaders, to ship builders and security experts, technology and service providers to global media outlets, all meet at Seatrade Cruise Global, the destination where the cruise industry comes together.

PSYCTOTHERM attends Seatrade presenting high quality HVAC products special designed for marine application and use.


Level 3, Booth 3417 | Greek Pavilion.


Air Condition Upgrate System

Air Condition Upgrate System

Project involved a vessel which was designed and manufactured for northern climates and is going to be relocated at Middle East. A significant advance of the air condition system was required. It included:

´  3 new water cooled marine chiller units with open drive screw compressor.

´  15 new AHU units for the air conditioning.

´  3 new small AHU units for the control rooms.

´  Advance/repair of the 8 old AHU units.

´  New air duct network.

´  Power supply and cabling.


Chillers Manufacturing



AHUs Manufacturing



Old AHUs advance/repair


New Air Duct Network



Educational Visit of Varis’ Technical High School

Educational Visit of Varis’ Technical High School

On November 16, 2016, engineering students of Varis’ Technical High School, specializing in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning installations, carried out an educational visit at PSYCTOTHERM company's facilities.

PSYCTOTHERM was selected based on the company's expertise in the field of Marine HVAC construction and due to its vertically integrated production.

The purpose of the visit was to associate theory with practice. Both the production process and the organization and operation of the company were analyzed. Students were taken on a tour of the production areas and got a close-up view of the entire range of manufacturing processes: unit design, sheet metal forming, component manufacturing, welding, assembly, panel manufacturing, etc.

The educational visit took place as part of the Air Conditioning - Refrigeration courses and provided students with a very important experience. The students were escorted by their teachers, Mechanical - Engineers, Mr. MARIOS KONIDIS and Mr. IOANNIS KARAVANIS.

Agents’ network | New cooperation: Shanghai

Agents’ network | New cooperation: Shanghai

Extension of our agents network worldwide

Our cooperation with worldwide agents is completed by a new agreement with the company Fläkt Marine Co., Ltd, which is headquartered in Shanghai, China.
The cooperation agreement was signed during the international maritime exhibition SMM, at Hamburg.



Starting from September 2016 Dorin compressors H, HI, HEX families will satisfy the UNI EN ISO 4628 (2-3-8) standards for 720hours of Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres - Salt spray tests.

This new achievement will give a concrete advantage to Dorin for the applications in extremely humid and marine areas.

Psyctotherm, as the distributor of Dorin compressors in Greece, has the availability to provide the test report certificate to those that will need a detailed documentation about the new application.




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