Marine Refrigeration & Air Conditioning 

MGO Unit Cooler

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MGO cooling system is developed to cool the marine gas oil fuel in order to raise the viscosity to the required by pumps and engines level. The MGO cooling system can be installed just before the engine or other places in the system.
The unit has the following characteristics:
  • Compressor: The units include a semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor with internal thermal protection. It is mounted on vibration-absorbent blocks both on the inside and outside, statically and dynamically balanced. Τhe oil in the sump is maintained free of refrigerant solubles via a heating resistance installed on the compressor. This resistance also ensures that the oil is preserving all its lubricating features, especially when the compressor is not operating or the ambient temperature has been maintained too low for too long.
  • Condenser: A sea water cooled condenser is installed. The parts that are in contact with sea water are made of Copper-nickel 90/10, the tubes are of brass, the head and back covers are of bronze and the cooling tubes are of brass and aluminum.
  • Refrigerant: The units use the new refrigerant R407C which contains hydro-fluorocarbon (HFC) with zero ODP. 
  • Filter drier: Two repleacable solid-core filter driers are available in the unit placed in a filter drier shell.
  • Water chiller: A water chiller is installed. Outgoing water temperature can be adjusted even lower than 0°C provided that proper quantity of antifreeze medium has been added to water (refer to the anti-freeze percentage table in the service and maintenance chapter).
  • Water pump: The pump unit recirculates the water between the water chiller and the chilled water/ fuel heat exchanger. If necessary, the water in the closed loop is refilled with an automatic filling valve.
  • Proportional valve: The closed water circuit includes a three-way solenoid proportional valve which is used to modulate the water flow rate in the diesel cooler in order to maintain the temperature of the oil in the predefined value.
  • Diesel cooler: Using the cooled fresh water the fuel is cooled with a fresh water / fuel heat exchanger.
  • Electric panel: The electrical box includes all the components and terminal blocks needed for the installation. It includes an automatic switch, relay, thermal protection, indicator lights, etc. All these are in accordance with the international regulations.
  • Safety devices: If the units are out of order, their operation is automatically stopped by various safety and protective devices listed below before trouble occurs. Electrical system: Over current relay, compressor thermal protector. Refrigerant system: High pressure switch, low pressure switch, condenser safety valve.