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Spot Cooler

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A common problem shipping companies have to face is with sensitive rooms and equipment when room temperature is high. A typical example of this problem is with the electric panels that overheat and finally they break down due to high temperature. Psyctotherm corresponding to these needs, decided to manufacture a unit able to chill and dehumidify -locally- IT rooms, electric panels, etc.

According to the above, Psyctotherm manufactured a “Spot cooler” unit, a self-contained air conditioning unit which has the following characteristics:

  • Floor mounting portable with compact dimensions for reliable “on the spot” air conditioning.
  • Automatic dehumidification operation with hot gas reheat coil and electronic controller.
  • Energy saving design with improved efficiency for reduced power consumption.
  • Tropical condenser to operate on high temperature environment.
  • 50/60Hz power supply, 1 phase or 3 phase version.
  • Low noise EBM plug fans.
  • Easy maintenance access.
  • Optional: Condenser outlet connection with air duct to dissipate heat on the environment.

To conclude, Psyctotherm can guarantee the high performance and long lifetime of the products as they are all manufactured with marine specifications and high-quality brands for main components.


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 Spot Cooler Brochure