Marine Refrigeration & Air Conditioning 

Air Cooled ATEX A/C Marine type



The new unit is compact, with an outdoor unit with ATEX fan motor and blade, and it has the following main advantages:

  • The electric system has no electronic parts and is specially designed for the ship power supply (60Hz, 220/440V) with high resistance to voltage fluctuations.
  • The dimensions of the indoor unit are compact in order to easily fit to the wheel house of the ship.
  • The external unit is designed in order to operate on a sea breeze environment. The condenser coil has a special anticorrosion coating. The external unit has no electronic parts and the electric parts and the compressor are mounted on a special chamber of the unit.
  • The outdoor unit has an explosion proof fan motor and a fan blade manufactured with antistatic material.
  • Freon R-407C

Using a marine specialized package air condition, leads to increased performance and efficiency and larger lifetime of the unit with less maintenance and faults compared to the residential air condition units.

You can find attached unit’s brochure with more technical information.

For enabling us to quote, please clarify/advise the following:

  • Voltage configuration: 1ph 220volt 50-60Hz or 3ph 380-440volt 50-60Hz
  • Required cooling capacity 3 or 4 tn
  • Electric heaters for heating (optional)
  • Air discharge duct connection (optional)
  • Outdoor unit ATEX & required IP (optional)
  • Other power supplies upon request (optional)
  • Spare parts kit (optional)


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 Air Cooled ATEX A/C