Marine Refrigeration & Air Conditioning 

Upgrade model Marine Package A/C Unit

ντουλαπα ανοιχτη πορτα


Marine Packaged Air Condition Unit Upgrade model

The unit is special for marine applications, can be used on control rooms, workshops, galley, I.T. rooms, e.t.c., and has the following characteristics:

• Different cooling capacities (3RT, 5RT, 8RT, 10RT).
• Plug & play. The unit needs only to be connected with power supply, sea or fresh water supply and drainage pipe.
• Scroll compressor with reliability and long durability with minimum vibration and noise and tens of thousands of hours of operation without maintenance.
• Sea water resistant condenser (optionally fresh water condenser).
• Electric panel with voltage and phase monitoring. The electric system has no electronic parts and is specially designed for the ship power supply (60Hz, 220/440V) with high resistance to voltage fluctuations.
• Plug fan with high static pressure for low noise. Erp-ready for low power consumption.
• Evaporator with heavy duty copper tubes and aluminum fins. Optionally, the evaporator can be treated with anti-corrosion coating.
• Washable air filter.
• Safety elements of electrical hazard (phase and voltage monitoring, thermal/magnetic protection) and safety elements of pressure control (high/low pressure switch, safety valve).
• Optionally the unit can include a steam or electric heater and a steam humidifier.
• Free air throw plenum or air duct connection for the exhaust air.
• Special inlet air connection on the side for galley applications.


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