Marine Refrigeration & Air Conditioning 

Air Condition Upgrate System


Project involved a vessel which was designed and manufactured for northern climates and is going to be relocated at Middle East. A significant advance of the air condition system was required. It included:

´  3 new water cooled marine chiller units with open drive screw compressor.

´  15 new AHU units for the air conditioning.

´  3 new small AHU units for the control rooms.

´  Advance/repair of the 8 old AHU units.

´  New air duct network.

´  Power supply and cabling.

Chillers Manufacturing
Chiller Assembly
Chiller piping Electric Panel Assembly Chiller commissioning
875      252   854   974   124
AHUs Manufacturing 
Installation at the foundation   Cabling and control panel installation Air duct connection 
978 565 333
 Old AHUs advance/repair
New water coils manufacturing and installation   Fans replacement with backward curved   New 3-way valves 
111          222   3334   444
New Air Duct Network
555 666