Marine Refrigeration & Air Conditioning 

Educational Visit of Varis’ Technical High School

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On November 16, 2016, engineering students of Varis’ Technical High School, specializing in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning installations, carried out an educational visit at PSYCTOTHERM company's facilities.

PSYCTOTHERM was selected based on the company's expertise in the field of Marine HVAC construction and due to its vertically integrated production.

The purpose of the visit was to associate theory with practice. Both the production process and the organization and operation of the company were analyzed. Students were taken on a tour of the production areas and got a close-up view of the entire range of manufacturing processes: unit design, sheet metal forming, component manufacturing, welding, assembly, panel manufacturing, etc.

The educational visit took place as part of the Air Conditioning - Refrigeration courses and provided students with a very important experience. The students were escorted by their teachers, Mechanical - Engineers, Mr. MARIOS KONIDIS and Mr. IOANNIS KARAVANIS.

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