Marine Refrigeration & Air Conditioning 


1969 John Ligeros begun the operation of refrigeration repair center for commercial use at Leonidou str. in Athens.

1974 Company's headquarters moved into new premises in Piraeus 105 Aghialou str. in partnership with Stratos Psathas and main activity the maintenance and repair of marine refrigeration and airconditioning systems.

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1977 A new partner has been added John Iatros, expand activities and starting manufacturing of catering equipment for ships. Our first broshure.
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1981 Company moved to a larger workshop on 32 Papastratou str. Piraeus.

1987 The partnership is suspended and the company is fully undertaken by John Ligeros. Main activity of the company is concetrated to the maintenance and repairs of marine refrigerating machines and air conditions.

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1990 John Ligeros is appointed with the exclusive representation of companies GRASSO GEA, DORIN, and BUUS, initiating the commercial activity of the company.

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1996 The company moves to new premises, in 70 Chr. Smirnis str. where the offices, the workshop, the machinery and the spare parts warehouse are accommodated, in an area of​​ 750m2.

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1998 Our first participation in excibition Posidonia.

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2002 George Ligeros his son, fully undertakes the company. 

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2006 A new modern building starts being constructed, next to the old one. The new building on 72 Ch. Smirnis & 39 Vasilikon str. covers a total area of 800m2. The construction is completed at 2008.


2008 Activity of the company is mainly concentrating into trading of refrigeration equipments, parts and accessories. The new facilities accommodate shop, offices, warehouse, and workshop. The manufacturing of refrigeration and air conditioning units is starting, developing the old building into industrial workshop.

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2011 The company acquires a coils manufacturing industry located in Moschato, 125  Ilissou street.

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Few years later 2014 the coils manufacturing activity is relocated in the company headquarters.

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2015 the company has upgraded its machinery equipment with new modern CNC machines in order to increase the quality of the products, the efficiency and the productivity.


Euromac CNC Punching machine MTX Flex 12


psalidi punching strantza

Company's policy is to constantly look into new possibilities of developmemnt, offering best services to its customers. ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certifications has been acquired ensuring quality products, which are manufactured under relevant EEC directives and EN standards.

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